UFC fight predictions and analysis
Differences What advantages does each fighter have?
Advantages for Ketlen Vieira
Much longer winning streak 8 fights vs 3 fights Around 2.8x longer winning streak; has momentum coming into a fight
Much taller 175 cm vs 165 cm More than 5% taller
Significantly younger 26 years vs 37 years Around 30% younger ; less time being ground down in the octagon
Advantages for Sara McMann
From what we can tell, Ketlen Vieira dominates Sara McMann in every way.
Vieira on the attack Our prediction about how he’ll perform against McMann’s defensive skills
Predictions For
McMann on the attack Our prediction about how she’ll perform against Vieira’s defensive skills
Predictions For
Cage Rank Over Time See how Cage Rank changes with each fight
legend Vieira
legend McMann
Comments Who do you think is a better fighter, and why?
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