Super UFC Fights (We Never Saw): GSP Vs. Anderson Silva

When the UFC exploded in popularity during the mid 2000s, Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva quickly emerged as two of the top MMA fighters in the world. Each of the two fighters captured the championships in their respective weight classes: GSP in the welterweight division, and Silva in the middleweight division. Both fighters took on all challengers and each dominated their weight classes.

It quickly became apparent that GSP and Silva were likely the two top MMA fighters in the UFC and perhaps the world. They each defeated all contenders within their divisions and it seemed there was no one that could defeat either of the two tremendous fighters. Speculation about the two fighters meeting one another in a “super fight” soon began to mount. Both GSP and Silva seemed almost unbeatable. However, since the two champions are of different weight classes, they had never faced each other in the octagon.

A logical solution to the problem of the fighters’ weights would have been GSP coming up in weight from 175 lbs, and Silva cutting weight — the two could meet in the middle at 185 lbs. As time went on and the two fighters continued to dominate, hype regarding the potential super bout grew. Many fans of the UFC and MMA wanted to find out for certain as to who the best pound for pound fighter on the planet was. Eventually, Silva indicated that he would be willing to face GSP inside the octagon. However, GSP never did accept the challenge.

A fight between GSP and Silva would seemingly have made sense when the two fighters were each in the prime of their careers.  The fight would potentially have been the biggest in UFC history and drawn a huge pay per view audience to be sure. The bout would have finally given fans an answer to the question of who truly was the top fighter in all of the UFC — something that had become a popular topic of debate as the 2000s came to a close.

Unfortunately for fans of the UFC, GSP, and Silva, the fight has yet to materialize and does not seem likely that it will any time soon. In December 2013, St. Pierre said he was leaving the UFC because he had become burnt out from MMA. GSP left as the welterweight champion and did not use the term “retirement.”  He simply stated that he was leaving the sport and left the door open to a possible return in the future.

Just one month later in January of 2014, Anderson Silva suffered a devastating leg injury in a re-match with Chris Weidman. Silva has vowed that he will return to the UFC and has even hinted at a potential match up with GSP.

However, both fighters are now past their primes, and it is arguable that neither GSP nor Silva are the top fighters within their weight classes, let alone in the world.  Because of their declines, a super bout between the two would no longer be quite as spectacular as it may have been just a few years ago. Despite this, the fight would still attract much attention and be a huge draw on any UFC card.

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